Online Lessons

I am delighted to offer you the possibility of

  • one to one French lessons
  • French Conversation Classes.

French one-to-one lessons

Who are one-to-one lessons for?

One-to-one lessons are suited to

  • someone with any level of French from complete beginner to advanced level
  • someone living in France
  • someone preparing for an exam
  • someone travelling to France
  • someone learning French for pleasure

You will get personalised lessons focusing on your needs and requirements at a time that fits your schedule.

Online French Conversation Classes

You will be able to

  • practise your speaking skills with a native tutor
  • have your mistakes corrected
  • through these lessons you will be able to increase your range of vocabulary
  • increase your confidence

Conversation group lessons cost £8 an hour.
One-to-one lessons cost £25 an hour.

What will you need?

You will need access to a good Internet connection, a microphone and speakers or headphones. Having a webcam is useful but not absolutely necessary.

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