Meet Philip, from the North of Manchester (England) who is taking my French conversation classes online...

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French Conversation Classes Online on Mondays at 2pm (British time) / 9am (Eastern Standard Time)

Time and Day:on Mondays at 2pm (British time) / 9am (Eastern Standard Time)
Venue:From the comfort of your own home via Zoom
Pricing Options:try a session for $13 or £9.50

Come and join our French conversation classes online. We meet every Monday on Zoom,  2pm (British Time) / 9am (EST)

The course is facilitated by an experienced language teaching professional who is a native speaker of the language and who comes from Normandy.

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A friendly group where you will be able to:

  • Practise your French speaking skills
  • Enrich your vocabulary
  • Increase your grammatical accuracy
  • Feel more confident when speaking when you go on holiday to France or when dealing with your property in France
  • Learn plenty of idiomatic expressions used by natives
  • Increase your fluency and your pronunciation
  • Improve your language fluency
  • Get your mistakes corrected
  • Improve your confidence in communicating in different situations in your life.
  • Get a chance to discuss a variety of topics, including items in the news and also subjects of personal interest.
  • Benefit from a fun and friendly environment in which to practise your French speaking skills
  • Make new friends
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Try the class for £9.50 / $13

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Every one seems friendly and easy going; I am a new comer but I hope to fit in too very soon. Looking forward to the 'Film Evening' next week 🙂

Pauline Greenwood

Stimulating and fun

Tess Badcock

I have really enjoyed the classes and have definitely benefitted from them. Thank you for being a great teacher

Mark Jennings

Thanks for all your help, I’ve really enjoyed the classes. You have a great gift for teaching French.

Jackie White