Online Lessons

I am delighted to offer you the possibility of

  • one to one French lessons
  • French Conversation Classes.

French one-to-one lessons

Who are one-to-one lessons for?

One-to-one lessons are suited to

  • someone with any level of French from complete beginner to advanced level
  • someone living in France
  • someone preparing for an exam
  • someone travelling to France
  • someone learning French for pleasure

You will get personalised lessons focusing on your needs and requirements at a time that fits your schedule.

Online French Conversation Classes

You will be able to

  • practise your speaking skills with a native tutor
  • have your mistakes corrected
  • through these lessons you will be able to increase your range of vocabulary
  • increase your confidence

Conversation group lessons cost £8 an hour.
One-to-one lessons cost £25 an hour.

What will you need?

You will need access to a good Internet connection, a microphone and speakers or headphones. Having a webcam is useful but not absolutely necessary.

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Thanks for another superb lesson on Zoom. I'm just starting to copy the whole of the lesson, which you kindly send by email, out in my exercise book, which in effect gives me two lessons in one. I was slightly apprehensive about having my lessons on Zoom due to Covid 19, but it's not the case. It's easy & very constructive.
Michael Cocannon
Online French Student

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