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Master the Passé Composé

Everything you NEED to know so as to master the passé composé:

You don’t have time to go to classes and you struggle to use the Passé Composé accurately and confidently.

Here is the solution! 

I have created an online course called “Master the Passé Composé”.  It will allow you to express yourself in the past with ease, improve your fluency and knowledge of French. 

What will I get?

  • lesson videos  including transcriptions to download and aid in comprehension
  • practice worksheets
  • answers to worksheets
  •  email support

Thanks to this course, 

  • you will use regular and irregular verbs in the past tense with confidence and accuracy
  • The difference between the auxiliaries “avoir” and “être” are no longer a mystery
  • The use of pronouns with reflexive verbs and the right auxiliary is now acquired
  • You can now successfully agree the past participle in the sentence composition
These essential tools allow you to express yourself in all situations. 

Course details

  • A course with explanatory videos.
  • Practise what you have learned with worksheets.
  • Check your answers with the answer sheets provided.
  • Support available every step of the way

How does the course work?

  • Learn at your own pace
  • Watch the videos and do the corresponding worksheets.
  • Listen to the videos as many times as you want to practise your vocabulary
  • Get the answers to the worksheet so you can see how you got on.

Get ready to learn to use the Passé Composé



“The course was just perfect for me. It was at the right level and I like the fact that the answers were available, and I can keep having a go at the worksheets as much as I like.” (Bill Kelly)

“The course is  great, very well explained and the exercise sheets are good too.” (Brian Wilkinson)

Carole Palfreman - French teacher

More about your instructor: Carole Palfreman

Carole is a French native from Le Havre in Normandy. Having previously lived in Switzerland and Germany, she now lives in the UK, north of Manchester. She obtained her PGCE (Post Graduate Certificate in Education) at Southampton University in 2000. She has been teaching French since 1999. She has helped hundreds of students ranging from primary years, GCSE, A-level through to adult students to improve their French and become confident in their use of the language. She was lucky enough to start learning English at the age of eight and she understands the difficulties students face when learning a foreign language.

Carole believes that repetition is the key to speaking fluently and through this video course you will be able to master French verbs successfully.


Get ready to learn to use the Passé Composé 


Passé Composé Course


As soon as you have registered, you have life-time access to the course.

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